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the business of making space

"Get the environment right and you'll get the right behavior."

-Simon Sinek

In the past 6 years, Architexture Design Group was hired to design, project manage and complete five commercial design projects, retail spaces and home office environments for clients throughout the country... 

From project managing the gut-renovations of facilities in Chicago, Vancouver, San Francisco and the Bronx, retrofitting and modernizing a historic building in Ct, to designing a brand-new tilt-up concrete office space in Las Vegas.

We passionately Design, plan, project manage,  execute, and repeat; the satisfaction of seeing it all come together keeps us going

Each job has its own set of direct challenges, yet the same principles apply for each; designing a Large commercial space, small business, or decorating a home office, the environment must inspire productivity, maintain a functional aesthetic with of course, room to grow. 

Every small business owner possesses a deep well of vision and bravery; It takes strength of character and resilliance to start your own business and forge your personal success goals and your environment must reflect the best your vision has to offer...

With strategic space planning and design ingenuity, a tired and outdated retail space can achieve unparalleled levels of brilliance...

know thyself: by Combining high style with inspiring reflections of your personal mantra, a well-designed office space brings together the tools to crush your goals, all from the comfort of home.

To create cohesive flawless interiors, Architexture Design + Studios does more than design furniture and lighting layouts, they also commission the work of highly skilled local artisans (mural by Jamal, his work can be found at and trusted furniture and finishes specialists.  We tailor each project to  enhance the space and integrate the needs of each client.

Each project utilizes specialized finishes, branded furnishings, and custom fabrications (at left, an architexture design + studio exclusive) while incorporating the company’s gourmet food brands and distinctive geographical identification. 


Our goal is to design the most interactive, creative space, connected by its people and the environment they inhabit.  throughout the project, we remain focused by the company's vision and the life force of its people.

a one-sided industrial pipe-table,  specially designed and built by Architexture Design+Studio and Alex Neas in order to provide a clear view to accommodate the needs of a commercial test kitchen.


Here, we took inexpensive, hardboard doors and applied an oxidized metallic paint effect to give this an appealing industrial chic look for half the cost of expensive fabricated metal doors.

How to design a uni-sex, non-binary bathroom?  We focused on creating a functional, comfortable and conversational atmosphere both swiftly and cost efficiently.

throughout the process, Creative design solutions and obsessive attention to detail is what you can expect from Julie HArdridge and everyone who works for Architexture Design + Studio.

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