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HOW TO makE a house your home

We truly appreciate a sophisticated space that welcomes as well as enchants. 
Our clients needed help softening the edges of their brand-new penthouse petite without cluttering or detracting from the million-dollar view.  We enlisted  a subtle combination of decadent finishes and refined organic elements which vibrate in conversation around the open floor plan.  From the bronze alligator to snake skin covered bar-buffet gorgeous tree-limb dining table pedestal; everything about this urban oasis greets its guests like bemused intimates while the subtle color palette and soft metallic accents, compliment yet never over-take those breath-taking NY views.  


how to make an entrance

combining natural elements throughout the interior space plan give the finished product a cohesive look

mercury glass coffee table and a custom sofa from American leather

luxury dining area topped with the mother of all chandeliers, the Mother chandelier by hudson furniture

we created a beautiful half bath that showed off our client's taste and cheeky


as an homage to her models days, we commissioned a pinup-style portrait of the homeowner in all her glory 

using neutral tones of varigated glass mosaic tile is a great way to add shimmer and texture without overwhelming the senses

sophisticated finishes, luxurious textures and oh...what a view

hollywood glamour in the heart of ct

Located inside a grand mansion in a stately area of Connecticut, this refined master bedroom suite is an elegant blend of contemporary neutrals and high-style, hollywood glamour.  The venetian plaster walls are stenciled and waxed in a tone-on-tone damask and polished to a high shine pattern which play off the classical architectural features throughout the home.  The combination of custom-designed rug and eye-catching lighting accentuate the luxurious fabrications and skillfully integrate state-of-the-art technology; the chinoiserie panels above the gas-lit fireplace slide apart to reveal a 72” flat-screen with the touch of a button. 


Whats the best way to hide a tv above a fireplace?Beautifully framed chinoissiere panels obscure the TV and leave the room in stylish serenity when not in use. 

custom area rug, stenciled venetian plaster walls and antique brass sconces are just a few highlights 

venetian plaster on the ceilings and marmarino plaster on the walls of this spacious master bath

the super feminine walk-in closet dressing room of our dreams

custom wall cabinets in white with mercury glass wall mirrors and a custom vanity table maximize space and storage with style

this high end luxury masculine closet idea was inspired by the homeowners modern sensibility 

whats the best way to de-stress after a long work day?  How about a full-size soaking tub with a view

luxury lighting to top off an exquisite bath design

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