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THE BEST OF ETSY-10 Hand Made Home Decor Trends for 2019

Another year, another opportunity to hit the refresh button.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT DIY and learning new skills but sometimes it’s best to leave the homemade crafty-crafts to the professionals, kids...

Who hasn’t seen a Pinterest pin and thought, I could make that!

Although I consider myself a handy-homemade crafty kinda gal (with mostly good results). Every so often I manage to enter a new project into my personal hall of shame.

Last year, my inspiration perked up when this chunky knit throw scrolled past my feed, and I thought back to the hat turned hand knit horror I made for my 5 year old niece. Apparently, I purled the stitches too tight and what was meant to look like floppy ears instead stuck straight out on either side of her head like a deranged viking princess Easter bunny. And, of course, no one can forget the story of the self igniting handmade candles I made in my late teens, a story told at least 4 times a year*—for the past twenty—how could we forget.


Therefore, in the spirit of New Year's and professionally well made home goods made well, we'd like to share our annual 2019 trend list by showing some love to ten toiling artists and master craftspeople of Etsy:

Cue the artisanal-goat-skin-drum roll, please…

Resolution one:

read more

Industrial metal home decor has been trending hard for a few years now and we love the artistic take on this piece. The trailing metal spiral is constructed of clear-coated aluminum and available in several sizes, styles and includes custom options.

Resolution two:

stay motivated

Staying the course toward your goals is HARD--who doesn't need a little extra motivation? Wall decals are one of the hottest trends of the moment; the look of a hand-painted stencil without the time, cost and permanence of paint! Easy to apply and easily removed without damage. How neat is that?

Resolution Three:

Travel more

It's not always easy to get away, while your planning your next trip, let your browser do it for you.

Last year, Pinterest was blowing up with Moroccan style home decor and by all accounts we don't see this trend slowing any time soon.

The saturated hues and bold

patterns are intoxicatingly beautiful. Turkish designs and North African design can be found in poufs and pulls, tiles to scatter rugs. Today on Etsy, you can even purchase authentic home goods local or direct from over 150 countries. When you can't go to Morocco--bring Morocco home.

Resolution four:

Finish that book already

Both these desks beautifully combine styles of the past and trends of the future: reclaimed wood,

mid-century, industrial and

resin! The wood-topped desk is constructed of found materials, such as, shiplap and recycled barn wood with a rich history an timeless appeal.

Customizable options available, including size, multiple stain colors and either reclaimed crate or wire basket drawers.

The teal-top desk is flashy and fun, has minimalist lines with hairpin legs and a striking resin top with gold flecks. Due to the infinite possibilities of this material, the availability of resin home decor has grown exponentially. We predict this is only the beginning of the resin home trend.

resolution five:

Eat more (Micro) greens

These tiny sprouts, if let to grow, would eventually become recognizable herbs and vegetables like sunflower, basil, arugula and carrot (to name a few). Cut down in their prime, these babies are 4-40X richer in nutrients than their full grown counterparts. With hundreds of seed strains available, microgreens are fast becoming a growing trend in urban indoor gardening. Etsy has dozens of seed starter kits like this one with everything you need to grow your own!

Resolution six:

if at first you don't succeed, pay someone else to do it

We couldn't possibly mention that knit disaster without a shout out to this well made beauty! Soft Merino wool practically begs to snuggle you through every binge-worthy episode of Outlander. To boot, it comes in sizes ranging from standard throw to california king and virtually every shade of Sherwin Willams' 2019 Shapeshifter Color Palette. Best of all-no knitting needles or embaressing family stories required.

Resolution seven:

save the world, support found art

From shiplap to wood slats, we've seen wood trends go straight vertical this year. This unique wall sculpture was made from the remains of a dismantled upright piano headed for the landfill. A local artist spotted it on a junk hauler and stopped to ask for ten minutes alone with it. Many hours and pianos later, wall sculptures like this Piano Mandala have been reconstructed into beautiful works of art. Next month, we sit down with the artist behind ArtfulFix to discuss her work and what often happens to so many grandma's pianos.

Resolution eight:

Gather with family & trends

This stunning Engraved coffee table combines both minimalist and maximalist style. Both eclectic and cool, this handmade beauty comes complete with clean mid mod lines and a laser cut mandala paisley center piece. Exquisite!

Resolution nine:

Self care with style

All year you show your love to everyone in your life: you shuffle the kids, chase the pets, scramble at work and make time for your friends; it's time to look in that drop dead gorgeous mirror and give some love right back to YOU.

Constructed of a hand torched welded steel frame and beautiful one inch beveled mirror, its delicate lines make it the perfect mix of strength AND beauty...just like YOU.

Standard finishes include black, white or raw steel and, of course, customizable options are available.

Resolution ten:


Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral
woodblock print in paint giants colors of the year

Pantone has been the Rosetta Stone of the home, fashion and product industry for over half a century, but not everyone needs a whole room upgrade but its never a bad idea to add a touch of life to your walls with art and home decor.

It's no accident that paint manufactures choose their annual color palettes to compliment and enhance Living Coral. Paint giants, Behr, Sherwin Williams and Farrow and Ball all chose muted shades of teal and flinty denim blues like this gorgeous woodblock print.

May your year be full of joy…and may you never experience flash burn in your eye while attempting to weld your own C-shaped sofa table…trust me.

*This article is dedicated to my father, who suffered first degree burns to his hands saving the day, his kids, the dog and the house from my crappily-made candles; RIP my crate of boxy sweaters.

Til then…Cheers!

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